Association Merger – Board Approved

Joint Boards of Directors Vote to Move Forward On Merger of Deep South & Southern Equipment Dealers Associations

January 16, 2018

The Deep South & Southern Equipment Dealers Association Board of Directors recently voted to move forward with the proposal that would consolidate Deep South and Southern Equipment Dealers Associations. This action was the first step toward a Merger and now requires a 2/3 vote by dealer members which will be the next step to be completed.  The Deep South & Southern Associations had each designated a Merger Committee who had met many times to do their due diligence working out the details and benefits of the Merger before bringing their favorable recommendation to their respective Board of Directors. It seemed only natural that these two organizations would eventually become one association since Deep South & Southern Associations with their Dealer Members have been jointly meeting at annual conventions since 2004 and at summer conferences for 20 years.

Upon member approval, the merged association will be positioned to provide more access to programs and services for Deep South & Southern Association Members, enhanced training and recruitment and have a larger geographic imprint speaking with one unified voice for the combined members. The Merged Association will provide an increased strength in numbers when speaking with manufacturers on issues and concerns going forward. The Dealer Members of the Merged Associations will benefit from a larger, financially strong association that will provide more services to address the needs of today’s equipment dealers.

The new Merged Association will operate as the Deep Southern Equipment Dealers Association.”  The name incorporates some aspects of the two original associations while acknowledging the history and legacy of each.   The new Merged Association’s office will be domiciled in Baton Rouge, LA and will deliver programs and services on a regional basis for Louisiana, Southern Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida.

As dealers continue to grow and as our industry continues to change, likewise, associations representing dealers are in a dramatic state of change as well.  State associations are becoming regional associations.  Those regional groups are merging together as their dealer members consolidate and the needs of their members change.  The same will hold true for the Deep South and Southern Equipment Dealers Association.  We have already seen several state associations become regional associations just in the past few years:  Ohio Michigan Equipment Dealers Association merged with Mid America Equipment Dealers Association becoming United Equipment Dealers Association in 2016; Midwest Equipment Dealers Association merged with Southeastern Equipment Dealers Association becoming Midwest-SouthEastern Equipment Dealers Association in 2016;  Canada West Equipment Dealers Association merged with Southwestern Equipment Dealers Association becoming Western Equipment Dealers Association in  2014.

A copy of the proposed Resolution regarding the Merger Agreement along with the Membership Ballot Vote will be sent out to the Deep South and Southern Dealer Members soon. The Southern Association Board of Directors and Merger Committee sincerely encourage our dealer members to vote in FAVOR of the proposed Merger.